Will Ross Ft. Dan Walsh - Karoshi

from by Will Ross




The word Karoshi is a Japanese word which translates into "working yourself to death". I took the meaning behind the word and decided to write a song with a more North American approach to the idea. I feel that the way our debt system works in Western culture there are a lot of us inevitably working ourselves to death.

The recording of this song is something special, and without the help of modern recording technology it could not be done. My good friend Dan Walsh who resides in Ontario did the slide guitar parts from the comfort of his own home while I recorded the rest out here in B.C. I wrote the song in an open bluesy tuning and realized right away the impact a slide guitar sound would have to the outcome. Dan is the most talented Slide player I have ever had the pleasure to play and work with so naturally he was my first choice. Having Rick Hopkins on the Organ for this one also really helped out! Excited about this song!!


About a quarter after nine on the skytrain yesterday
I met man
He was looking pretty worn
Had a nice shirt and shoes okay,
Is what I said
And I said hey man tell me what's your story
Then he smiled then he laughed said there ain't no glory
But if you'd like to sit down I'll teach you how not to live your lie.

Said I've been working my time with the nine to five
Pushing overtime man the daily grind
Just so I can pay back the money that the banks
Done lent to me

I was nothing but a sucker man for the ads
Get this, get that, got a little off track
For the Gas guzzelin Hummer, big house, and the bigger TV.

And now I'm spending my time just a payin my debt
They never really warn you til your over your head
Tryin to pay back all the shit that you just don't need

But I got no excuse you know I hung my own noose
Too busy livin fast pay attention to the news
The epitome of Western Civilized Greed.

But I don't wanna keep up with the Jones no more
Don't wanna keep up with the Jones no more
There's more to life man, then just makin money all the time

Don't wanna keep up with the Jones no more,
Don't wanna keep up with the Jones no more,
Just step outside man, and thank god when it's sunny oh,

I don't wanna keep up no, don't wanna keep up, no, no, no
But I got no way out, got no way out, got no way out,
It's what he said man, Woah, Lord, and That's Karoshi.


from FREELOADER, track released April 1, 2014
Will Ross - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Tambourine

Dan Walsh - Slide Guitar

Rick Hopkins - Organ

Marko Aragos - Bass Guitar

John David - Drums

Co Produced by Will Ross and James Iverson

Engineered by James Iverson

Mastered by Craig Waddell (Gotham City Records)



all rights reserved


Will Ross Squamish, British Columbia

Born and raised in Hamilton Ontario, Will started playing music at a young age and over the years Will has developed a very unique style of acoustic guitar and harmonica infused songs with a primary focus on thought inspiring lyrics. He has recently released two songs off his upcoming full album in hopes that people will donate to help him finish the process of mastering and production. ... more

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